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Aegean islands Champlevé

CAD$ 115.00

Design inspired by art motif from Minoan civilization which thrived on islands in Aegean Sea between 3600-1500 BC.
Technique: Champlevé
Material: Britannia Silver .958
Finish: Mirror front, Matte back and sides
Enamel: Glass enamel kiln fired at 800 degree Celsius
Weight Approximate: 17.4 grams
Size Approximate: 47 mm x 29 mm x 1.8 mm
Available Colours as per WG Ball Enamels catalogue:
Aegean islands sea – mix of 3 Transparent Green enamels, Plain Royal Blue, Transparent Royal Blue enamel, Transparent Blue-green enamel, Plain Bright Red enamel, Plain Dark Red enamel, Plain Black enamel, Write us an e-mail in About Us section for Custom colours!