Egyptian Magic charm for Protection and Long Life

CAD$ 145.00

Egyptian Magic charm for Protection and Life
Design inspired by the Falcon – the Egyptian image of Horus. Horus was the god of the Sky, a symbol of divine Kingship, and protector of the ruling King. Horus the falcon soars above all the land and its inhabitants, and was the natural symbol of the King who reigns over all Egypt.Hieroglyph in the top corner – the Shen sign, a ring of rope, represents all that the sun encircles. As amulets, knots and ropes provide protection.
The hieroglyph on the right side – the Ankh sign, possibly a sandal strap or an elaborate bow, means “life” and “to live.”
Technique: Champlevé 
Material: Britannia Silver .958
Finish: Mirror front, Matte back and sides
Enamel: Glass enamel kiln fired at 800 degree Celsius
Weight Approximate: 24.1 grams
Size Approximate: 38 x 38 x 1.8 mm
Available Colours as per WG Ball Enamels catalogue:
Red Falcon with Transparent Royal Blue enamel background and Yellow wings; Transparent Royal Blue Falcon with Plain Red enamel background and Yellow wings; Plain Black enamel – Falcon background wings; Write us an e-mail in About Us section for Custom colours!